13 June, 2018

Running a motel 7 day a week takes a certain type of person. You need to be warm and friendly at all times and have a knowledge on a wide range of topics. When we were in search of the right people to be at Antonio Mews we wanted to be certain that the people we chose reflected the values of Antonio Mews as we are all too aware that it is people who make a motel great. You can have the most modern rooms in town, but if you aren’t greeted with a smile and a pleasant demeanour, you are unlikely to return. We were delighted to invite Dave & Sharon Hitch to the Antonio Mews team. With their 20+ years of motel experience and with Dave’s Mr Fix-it attitude and Sharon’s warm smile and industry knowledge, we knew we were onto a winner. Dave and Sharon have been managing Antonio Mews since early 2017. They have been doing a fantastic job and the guests simply love going to stay with them. Whether it is the personal touch at check in, or Sharon’s home cooked meals for the truck drivers, people are leaving with smiles and planning their next stay!