13 June, 2018

A concern at Antonio Mews is the train track running behind the property. Whilst some people didn’t hear the train, for others it was a deal breaker. Originally the only buffer between the motel and the train track was a couple of trees, which, whilst they looked great, they didn’t do anything for noise reduction, so enter David Kowalewski. With a history of building strong fences, he took it upon himself to create the biggest most soundproof fence he could. It was a true labour of love. When one half of the fence was already erected with the other half to go, someone approached David to mention that it was amazing that when they are at the end of the motel with the fence they could hear nothing, while when they were at the other end the noise was much more substantial! Needless to say, the fence was a success and doing what it was designed to do. The rest of the fence was completed and now it stands tall and proud at the back of Antonio Mews to allow all of the guests the best night sleep possible. A stylish and functional addition to the Antonio Mews property.