13 June, 2018

With all the fresh new thing happening at Antonio Mews, it was felt that it needed a new brand to reflect that. The old one was looking a bit tired and dull and we felt like it didn’t accurately represent what Antonio Mews was about. So, it was back to the drawing board where a sleeker and more refined logo was designed. We finally settled on the design that we felt best represented Antonio Mews, which was the name Antonio in the centre stage with the 3 trees to not only represent the stunning mature trees that surround the property but also to represent the past, present and future of Antonio Mews. We are learning from the past, creating a bright future and enjoying the present. The trees represent strength, growth and resilience, which is what we believe Antonio Mews is all about. When you put all these things together you start to get a feel of what Antonio Mews is really about.